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252 Sukhaphiban Road, Watmai, Mueang Chanthaburi District, Chanthaburi

“Baan Luang Rajamaitri where the river will return”

Baan Luang Rajamaitri, the 150-year old Historic Inn where the legend of Luang Rajamaitri,
the benefactor of Chantabun community, has been collected.
Perched on the Baank of Chantabun river amongst the riverside community,
the inn posses the ancient architectural structure charmed with the original lifestyle of the locals.
This is where you can check-in back into the past...that travels to present

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“10 rooms” from “10 legends”
throughout the life of Luang Rajamaitri
British colonial styled guestrooms with the atmosphere of Chantabun riverside.
All 12 rooms are equipped with full amenities, individually designed to portrait Luang Rajamaitri’s life history
for the discovery of the old traits through the worthwhile decors and antiques.

Chan Lifestyle Room
The temple view guestroom featuring the temple dear to the local’s hearts and “dharma” story which directs the way Luang Rajamaitri and people here to walk in the secular way along with religious
East Asiatique Guestroom
Guestroom with the foreign atmosphere, inspired by the story of business partners who took latex and products from Chantaburi to travel around the world...at the same time when the moon rotates around the earth.
Herbal Forest Room
Showcase of the forest and herbal products from Chong Tribe, the last Morn-Khmer national in Thailand, who was doing the trade with Luang Rajamaitri.
Mor tord port room
Cruising voyage inspired guestroom that links historic commercial route to your lifestyle, to float along the river in style.
Mother’s Kitchen Room
Filled with the cooking tales, this room is not only full with the memorial scent of food but also the scent of love from Luang Rajamaitri
Raja Maitri Home Guestroom
Chino-Portuguese styled decor featuring the architecture of “Ban Luang Rajamaitri”, the important blueprint creating uniqueness to Chantabun Riverside Community.
Red and Green Gems Room
Beauty of the room is not guaranteed by the name of the gems but it is the story of the gems that changes the local’s lives.
Rubber Seed Room
The rubber seeds that transform Khun Luang to become “The father of eastern rubber plantation” . The guestroom reflects the uncommon way to grow the rubber trees that finally spreading throughout the eastern land.
Rubber Tree Room
Portrayed by the legend of the rubber tree, the room represents Luang Raj’s attempt to turn rubber tree dead land with only 3 of them survived to become the source of income for the Chantaburi locals these days.
The Masters Room
The most luxurious guestrooms in this house, representing dear masters of everyone
“Preservation with Love“

Baan Luang Rajamaitri Historic Inn is a co-operation of Chantabun
riverside community, Baan Luang Rajamaitri family, and Arsomsilp Institute
to establish Chantabun Rak Dee Co., Ltd. as a Social Enterprise.
It is opened for the locals and anyone who share the same attitude to
become a stakeholder to preserve lifestyle of this community in sustainable way.
“Preservation is not about building maintenance
but it is all about giving care to lives.
Only idea is not enough, there must be love in it”

Who talks about us?

“Cultured Led Community”

The community development principle that will not only go with the flow of travelling trend but also maintain the existing lifestyle

Baan Muang Newspaper
Issue: 23 March 2008


“love” is not sufficient, “preservation” together is
This is the heart of Chantabun Riverside Community regeneration campaign with collaboration of the locals.

TruePlookpanya magazine
Issue: 39 January 2014


“There is no better way to preserve the historic building
than day-to-day maintenance”

The concept of architectural heritage regeneration without deforming local lifestyle

Bangkok Business Lifestyle: Jud Pragai
Issue: 20 November 2014
by Panjai Pinjinda


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Welcome to Baan Luang Rajamaitri
Let the history reel in while you stay with us at Baan Luang Rajamaitri, The Historic Inn.
Experience Chantabun riverside atmosphere as well as the architecture heritage and original Chantaburi lifestyle.